FR711VLA - 115V AC High Flow Pump, 1 in Hi Flow Automatic Nozzle, 901L Meter

Product Description

FILL-RITE: This rugged, positive displacement, heavy pump is UL listed. Explosion proof UL listed 1/3 HP motor (115 VAC-60Hz) with sealed bearings, Heavy Duty switch, thermal overload protection and junction box. Carbon vanes and ceramic/carbon seal reduce wear and repair expense. Integral check valve with pressure relief on outlet side reduces pressure drop and improves vertical lift. Easy removable strainer, automatic bypass valve, 2 threaded bung for tank openings. Up to 23 GPM open flow / 19 GPM at end of nozzle. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction. For Diesel/Gasoline/Kerosene/E15/Bio-Diesel up to Bio-Diesel. 2 year warranty. 2 threaded base for tank mounting. Iron Rotor with Carbon Rotary Vanes. Self Priming. 1 x 18' UL Listed Hose. 901L mechanical meter (litres). 1" ultra high flow auto nozzle.