33273-2 - Oil Filtartion Pump System - Hand Carry Size

Product Description


Hand Carry Absolute Filter Pump Unit w/Dual Inline Filters:
P/N  33273-2
This small, compact hand carry module is ideal for use with
light to medium viscosities such as hydraulic fluids and
engine oils. Applications include kidney loop systems, 55
gallon drums and other portable or temporary applications.
This model uses two 11” spin-on filter elements, your choice
of 3, 5, 10 or 20 micron elements, plumbed in series with a
7 GPM pump. Pump inlet is protected with a 20 mesh ‘Y’
strainer and has 3/4” NPTF suction/discharge. Pump
discharge/bypass pressure is adjustable to 80 PSI, 1.5 HP
Motor, 115 VAC, 13 amp.