F00201A2C - Suzzarablue Basic Tote Dispense Kit - 115V

Product Description

PIUSI:  This dispensing equipment is designed for easy management and dispensing from an IBC tote to a tank.  It includes a self-priming membraned pump that has no need for a dynamic seal, which reduces the need for maintenance. 

  • Flow rate:  7 - 8 gpm
  • Stainless steel base
  • Heavy duty pump
  • Manual nozzle
  • 20ft. delivery hose
  • 4ft. suction hose
  • Hose tail and clamps

Fittings for either top or bottom draw must be ordered separately.

For top draw, order 1 each of the following: RSV Stainless Steel Couple (item # F1536000B), RSV Container Valve (item # F17137000) and RSV/RPV Down Tube (item # F17140000)

For bottom draw, order: Tote Dispenser Connection Kit (item # F15515020)